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Information for Authors

Submit an Article | Envíe un Artículo

JMxP is now accepting submission for double-anonymous peer review. To submit an article for review, email the Editors.

The Familia Model of Peer Review

In addition to double-anonymous peer review, JMxP is introducing a new model of peer review: a mentorship program based on our belief that academic publishing should be supportive and inclusive, while maintaining the highest standards of scholarship. We call it the "familia model of peer review." Here’s how it works. When submitting a paper for review, authors seeking mentorship should specify that they would like to be considered for the mentorship program. The Editors will select which papers to send to one of our Mentor Editors, who will then work closely with the author to prepare their paper for publication. For questions or more information about this model, or if you are a senior scholar who would like to volunteer as a Mentor Editor, please contact the Editors.

Submit a Special Issue Proposal Envíe una Propuesta de Expediente Especial

To submit a special issue for review, email the Editors.

Propose a Translation | Envié una Propuesta de Traducción

To propose a translation, email the Editors.

The first two issues of JMxP are special, inaugural issues. For more information on when and how to submit an article, translation, or special issue, please email the editors or follow the Mexican Philosophy Blog. | Los primeros dos números de JMxP son inaugurales, con un carácter especial. Para mayor información sobre cómo a cuándo proponer un artículo, una traducción o un número especial, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a los editores o siga el blog Mexican Philosophy.

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